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SKULLCANDY – Crusher Wireless Headphones Gray/Tan/Gray

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Crusher Wireless Gray/Tan/Gray

Listen to the Difference

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Crusher Wireless Gray/Tan/Gray

Listen to the Difference

  • Stereo Haptic Bass
    Stereo Haptic Bass is delivered to each side of the head for true left and right variable bass.
  • Custom-Tuned Drivers
    Custom-tuned audio drivers deliver rich, refined acoustics to complement the Stereo Haptic Bass across all music.
  • Noise Isolating
    Refined acoustics provide a noise isolating fit that seals out distraction.

Technology that matters.

  • Adjustable Bass
    Adjust the slider on the ear cup to customize the immersive bass experience to your preference or media.
  • Long Battery Life
    Up to 40 hours of Bluetooth® wireless battery life connects you to your media without tying you to your device.
  • Built-in Controls
    For taking calls, managing music and adjusting volume, the remote and microphone are built right into the ear cup.

Designed with Purpose

  • Quality Construction
    With memory foam ear pads and a premium design, these headphones look great and fit comfortably.
  • Foldable Design
    A foldable design makes for a compact package when not in use, letting you take the immersive stereo haptic bass experience anywhere.
  • Travel Bag
    Once folded up, Crusher Wireless and all accessories slip into the provided premium travel bag for easy storage and transport.

Black, Grey, Tan

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